# Commands and Permissions

Here is a brief summary of the plugin's commands and permissions:

Command Permissions
/triton, /triton openselector triton.openselector
/triton help triton.help
/triton getflag <language> triton.getflag
/triton reload [all/server/bungee] triton.reload
/triton setlanguage <language> [player] triton.setlanguage, triton.setlanguage.others
/triton sign <set/remove> <group key (set only)> triton.sign
/triton info triton.info
/triton loglevel [number] triton.loglevel (console only)
/triton database <upload/download> triton.database
/twin [upload] [collection filter] [language filter] twin.upload
/twin <code> twin.download

# Commands

All commands starting with /triton can be also typed as /lang and /language. Additionally, in order to keep backwards support with v0, you can also use the following commands: /mlp, /ml, /multilanguage, /multilanguageplugin.

# /triton, /triton openselector

(only available-ingame)
Permission: triton.openselector

Opens up a GUI that allows you to select a language.

# /triton help

Permission: triton.help

Shows a help menu with all the available commands.

# /triton getflag <language>

(only available in-game)
Permission: triton.getflag

Gives the player the flag of that language.

# Arguments

language: The Language ID to get the flag from.

# /triton reload [mode]

Permission: triton.reload

Reloads the plugin.

# Arguments

mode (bungee in-game only / optional): One of the following options:

  • all/a: reloads both Spigot and Bungee
  • bungee/b (default): reloads only Bungee
  • server/s: reloads only Spigot

When using this command through console, it can only reload the current server/proxy.

# /triton setlanguage <language> [player]

(only available in-game when used for self)
Permission: triton.setlanguage

Sets the language of self or another player.

# Arguments

language: The ID of the target language.
player (optional): Specify the target player. Requires the triton.setlanguage.others permission.

# /triton sign <mode> [group id]

(only available in-game)
Permission: triton.sign

Add/remove a sign from a sign group. The target sign is the sign the player is looking at.

# Arguments

mode: The action to perform:

  • set: Set the group of the target sign.
  • remove Remove the sign from its current group (if any).

group id (only if mode is set): The sign group to assign the sign to.

# /triton info

Permission: triton.info

Shows information about Triton and how it is setup.
If log level is 2 or more, the loaded config is also printed to the console.

# /triton loglevel [number]

(console only)
Permission: triton.loglevel

When used without argument, it prints the current log level. When an argument is provided, the log level is set to that number until the plugin is reloaded or this command is executed again.

This only works on the console since otherwise it would be ambiguous which server we were targeting (e.g. the proxy or the actual server).

# Arguments

number (optional): The new log level. Must be a number between 0 and 2.

# /triton database <mode>

(only available in BungeeCord)
Permission: triton.database

If using non-local storage, this command downloads and uploads from the database to the translation folder for easier editing and migration purposes.

# Arguments

mode: One of the following options:

  • upload/u: overwrite all the translations in the database with the ones in the translations folder
  • download/d: overwrite all the translation in the translations folder with the ones in the database

# /twin upload [collection filter] [language filter]

Permission: twin.upload
Alias: /twin (only when omitting filters)

Uploads the current translations folder to TWIN.
/twin is an alias of /twin upload, which means /twin is the same as /twin upload * *.

# Arguments

collection filter (optional): List of collections to upload, separated by colons (:). Use * to upload all collections. language filter (optional): List of languages to upload, separated by colons (:). Use * to upload all languages.

# /twin <code>

Permission: twin.download

Downloads the translations folder from TWIN after editing.

# Permissions

All permissions starting with triton. can also be expressed as multilanguageplugin. for compatibility reasons. However, it is recommended to use triton. from now on.

# triton.help

Allows access to /triton help.
Default: everyone

# triton.openselector

Allows access to /triton and /triton openselector.
Default: everyone

# triton.getflag

Allows access to /triton getflag <language>.
Default: op

# triton.reload

Allows access to /triton reload [all/server/bungee].
Default: op

# triton.setlanguage

Allows access to /triton setlanguage <language>.
Default: everyone

# triton.setlanguage.others

Allows access to /triton setlanguage [player] <language>.
Default: op

# triton.sign

Allows access to /triton sign <set/remove> <group key (set only)>.
Default: op

# triton.info

Allows access to /triton info.
Default: everyone

# triton.loglevel

Allows access to /triton loglevel [number].
Default: op

# triton.database

Allows access to /triton database <upload/download>.
Default: op

# twin.upload

Allows access to /twin.
Default: op

# twin.download

Allows access to /twin <code>.
Default: op