# Commands and Permissions

Here is a brief summary of the plugin's commands and permissions:

Command Permissions
/triton, /triton openselector triton.openselector
/triton help triton.help
/triton getflag <language> triton.getflag
/triton reload [all/server/bungee] triton.reload
/triton setlanguage <language> [player] triton.setlanguage, triton.setlanguage.others
/triton sign <set/remove> <group key (set only)> triton.sign
/twin database <upload/download> triton.database
/twin [upload] [collection filter] [language filter] twin.upload
/twin <code> twin.download

# Commands

All commands starting with /triton can be also typed as /lang and /language. Additionally, in order to keep backwards support with v0, you can also use the following commands: /mlp, /ml, /multilanguage, /multilanguageplugin.

# /triton, /triton openselector

(only available-ingame) Permission: triton.openselector

Opens up a GUI that allows you to select a language.

# /triton help

Permission: triton.help

Shows a help menu with all the available commands.

# /triton getflag <language>

(only available in-game)
Permission: triton.getflag

Gives the player the flag of that language.

# Arguments

language: The Language ID to get the flag from.

# /triton reload [mode]

Permission: triton.reload

Reloads the plugin.

# Arguments

mode (bungee in-game only / optional): One of the following options:

  • all/a: reloads both Spigot and Bungee
  • bungee/b (default): reloads only Bungee
  • server/s: reloads only Spigot

When using this command through console, it can only reload the current server/proxy.

# /triton setlanguage <language> [player]

(only available in-game when used for self)
Permission: triton.setlanguage

Sets the language of self or another player.

# Arguments

language: The ID of the target language.
player (optional): Specify the target player. Requires the triton.setlanguage.others permission.

# /triton sign <mode> [group id]

(only available in-game)
Permission: triton.sign

Add/remove a sign from a sign group. The target sign is the sign the player is looking at.

# Arguments

mode: The action to perform:

  • set: Set the group of the target sign.
  • remove Remove the sign from its current group (if any).

group id (only if mode is set): The sign group to assign the sign to.

# /triton database <mode>

(only available in BungeeCord)
Permission: triton.database

If using non-local storage, this command downloads and uploads from the database to the translation folder for easier editing and migration purposes.

# Arguments

mode: One of the following options:

  • upload/u: overwrite all the translations in the database with the ones in the translations folder
  • download/d: overwrite all the translation in the translations folder with the ones in the database

# /twin upload [collection filter] [language filter]

Permission: twin.upload
Alias: /twin (only when omitting filters)

Uploads the current translations folder to TWIN.
/twin is an alias of /twin upload, which means /twin is the same as /twin upload * *.

# Arguments

collection filter (optional): List of collections to upload, separated by colons (:). Use * to upload all collections. language filter (optional): List of languages to upload, separated by colons (:). Use * to upload all languages.

# /twin <code>

Permission: twin.download

Downloads the translations folder from TWIN after editing.

# Permissions

All permissions starting with triton. can also be expressed as multilanguageplugin. for compatibility reasons. However, it is recommended to use triton. from now on.

# triton.help

Allows access to /triton help.
Default: everyone

# triton.openselector

Allows access to /triton and /triton openselector.
Default: everyone

# triton.getflag

Allows access to /triton getflag <language>.
Default: op

# triton.reload

Allows access to /triton reload [all/server/bungee].
Default: op

# triton.setlanguage

Allows access to /triton setlanguage <language>.
Default: everyone

# triton.setlanguage.others

Allows access to /triton setlanguage [player] <language>.
Default: op

# triton.sign

Allows access to /triton sign <set/remove> <group key (set only)>.
Default: op

# triton.database

Allows access to /triton database <upload/download>.
Default: op

# twin.upload

Allows access to /twin.
Default: op

# twin.download

Allows access to /twin <code>.
Default: op