# Patterns


Triton v2.0.0 or later is required.

This feature allows you to translate messages without using placeholders.

Sometimes plugins don't allow you to edit their messages, which means Triton wouldn't work. For that reason, a feature was developed that allows you to translate any message, even if the plugin doesn't allow you to change it.
This feature should work everywhere except scoreboards, which are not officially supported anymore.

# Using the feature

To get started, you just need to add patterns to any existing Translatable Item.



Depending on the message and plugin, you may need to try both & and § to get the color code right.

The example above will replace any &aThis is something that needs &bto &dbe &1 changed. and §3But this will ;) with &6Translation matched!.
Notice that ) in the latter needs to be escaped, since this is regex. To make sure you're using valid regex, you can use a tool like RegExr (opens new window).


To avoid people typing matching text in the chat, you can (and should) use the beginning (^) and end ($) anchors in your patterns.


Don't use patterns unless you really have to. Each pattern is checked against every message, which can hit your server performance severely. Use Triton placeholders when possible.

# Using variables

You can use regex groups to select variables and use them in the translated message.


# Other information

While key may not be used if you're only using patterns instead of placeholders, it is still good practice (and recommended) to include it.